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Weekly Produce Pickup

Hebrew Academy is now a pick-up location for Field Goods' locally-grown produce. Sign up by September 17 to get a $5.00 credit in your account.*

Every Thursday, you'll pick up a bag filled with fruit and vegetables. Bags range in price from $17 to $33 per week, which includes a $1 donation to Parent Org. If you want, you can add extra items - fresh pasta, artisan bread, additional fruit, or small-batch cheese and yogurt - to your weekly order. You manage your subscription online, and you can place a hold on your deliveries or cancel anytime.

Field Goods purchases everything directly from over 80 small farms in the region. All of the produce is non-GMO, and most is organically grown.

*(Offer valid for new customers only.)

Bag Sizes




Designed for 3-5 people, Family bags provide the largest diversity and quantity.




Designed for 2-3 people, Standard bags provide the same items as the Family bag with slightly smaller quantities.




Designed for 1-2 people, Small bags usually offer the same selection as the larger bags, with quantities suited for a couple.




Designed for 1 person, Single bags provide about five items in a quantity suitable for an individual.