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Tribute Donations

Your generous gift can be a fitting tribute to a friend, respected colleague or loved one. Honor tributes are a wonderful way to acknowledge special people or commemorate life cycle events. Memorial tributes help us remember those we have lost. Tribute donations are wonderful presents for those who appreciate receiving meaningful gifts.

Donations are gratefully accepted for specific purposes as well as in general support of our school. Unless otherwise specified, all tribute donations are allocated to our Shomray Torah Annual Fund. If you would like your donation allocated to a specific fund, please select the fund from the dropdown list on the form.

Annual Funds

Shomray Torah Annual Fundraising Campaign
Special Grants and Projects
Joseph Hershberg Middle School Fund
8th Grade School Trip
Dan Miller Middle School Fund

Endowment Funds

The Richard H. Friedman Endowment Fund
Linda and Dan Hershberg Fund
Joan and Jack Rosenblum Fund
Zuckman Trust Fund
Pozner Family Teacher Training Fund
Milton and Vivian Judkowitz Fund
Ruth D. Laven Endowment Fund
Morton Berger Memorial Endowment Fund
Helen Moss Memorial Endowment Fund
BBL Endowment Fund
Martha and Emanuel Schiffer Endowment Fund
Lieberman Fund
Mary Rosenstein Fund
Eve Kneznek Estate Fund
Bea Albert Library Fund
Clarice and George Silverstein Fund