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The Little Mermaid, Jr.

A Note from Tanya Schwartz, Co-Producer

Thank you for the opportunity to produce Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Jr. play in our school. Ben and I empathize with King Triton, who tries to shelter and protect his child from the turbulent world above. It is not easy for a parent to let his child venture into the big unknown, and yet it is very important for a child to aspire and achieve greater things. Producing the school play gives us the opportunity to watch the adorable second graders' make their debuts, singing and dancing along with many experienced upperclassmen on the same stage. It is an incredible way to show our children that the world above has those who will mentor and nurture them.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs. DeLynn Wickham as our director. She brings plays to life and inspires our children to achieve. We owe many thanks to Mrs. Wickham for her kindness, patience, professionalism and grace with children and adults. We appreciate having parent volunteers and dedicated HACD school staff who help us in producing this play. We are grateful to Bette and the late Charles z”l Schiffer whose generous endowment for the arts on HACD stage continues to bring music and drama education. These incredible individuals mentor and nurture our children. So just like King Triton, we trust that our children will achieve many heights!