A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition

TEVA – November 14, 2014

When our seventh grade students attend TEVA each year, it is their second time in the program.  For those students, there is “Advanced TEVA,” which includes more advanced hiking, outdoor activities, and learning.  Sonia Wilk, who is the lead educator at TEVA, teaches the Advanced TEVA program to our students.

Last year (2013), after spending the week with our then-7th graders, Sonia was hospitalized with a back injury on the last day and did not get to say good-bye to her advanced class.  This year, Sonia sent those students, now 8th graders, her farewell letter to them.  The letter is a testament to her commitment to our students and their learning, but also a testament to how highly our students are regarded by the staff at TEVA.

Here is a snip-it from the letter:


Dear advanced TEVA class of 2013,


I wanted to write you all a letter to say hi and see how things have been going for you lately. As i'm sure many of you know, this week your fellow Bet Shraga classmates came to TEVA. Having your classmates here, made me remember so many things that we did together last year.


-Our solo walks through the forest, getting to be alone with our thoughts.
-Hiking that super advanced trail to the overlook and how you all helped each other along the way.
- That crazy night hike that we did, up to the top of the red trail-without flashlights!

During all of this, and more, I was so impressed by how all of you were incredibly open-minded and always working together. You are an exceptional group of young adults, and I cannot wait to continue hearing all about your adventures, and the way you are changing the world into a better place.

Keep changing the world!