A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition

Rhonda Rosenheck – October 31, 2014

RhondaNext week, middle school students will immerse themselves in learning about the natural world, the human impact upon it, and the respect for and stewardship of resources that our tradition demands.

Hebrew Academy’s environmental program has been growing steadily as we move toward eco-school certification.

In the past, sixth grade students attended a four day seminar at TEVA, a program of Jewish environmental education developed specifically for Jewish day schools and yeshivot.

Last year, seventh grade joined sixth at TEVA, and participated in a custom-developed program for Hebrew Academy. (Our school was the first TEVA participants to send students two years in a row.)

This year, we continue to introduce immersive Jewish environmental education in the sixth grade and to continue it in the seventh grade, at TEVA, in Connecticut.  As the piece de resistance, the eighth grade will cap their 2-year TEVA experience with a four day Hudson River Ecology Exploration designed and led by Hebrew Academy’s Math/Science Lead Teacher Mr. Seward and veteran TEVA Educator, Hebrew Academy alumnus, Daniel Kieval.

Look forward in this column to more from Mr. Seward   on these Middle School adventures and on Hebrew Academy’s movement toward becoming a Jewish Eco-School after the programs.

On another note, the faculty and administration are thrilled to inaugurate A Taste of Hebrew Academy on Sundays, November 9 and January 11, each from 10:00-11:00 am.  This free, no pressure, program is an opportunity for children ages 3-5 to have fun engaging in activities just like they would if they were students in our Parparim (Butterflies) primary classroom.  Older children will be supervised in free recreation, and there will be coffee and a nosh available to parents.  Please spread the word – the more children participate, the more fun it will be!  Regardless of whether parents are planning on enrolling in Jewish day school, this is a great, free, family activity.

Shabbat shalom!

Best, Rhonda