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Parparim News – December 5th

Dear Parparim families,

This week the class has enjoyed their continued exploration of weather. We have had daily weather reports and are learning about different kinds of precipitation. This week we have been learning about rainbows and working on many activities in reading, math and science. Next week we will focus on snow!

The children have been working on the letter Dd; learning songs, writing and building new words. We have also begun our December writing journal. The children will be bringing home a monthly journal to share with you. Many of the children are just learning their letter sounds while others are writing sentences and some creating stories; it is wonderful to see the progress they all have made in their own writing. At home you and your child should be reading together daily. Modeling good reading is key to building fluency and to foster an appreciation for books. Selecting a variety of genre is also important. Some of the children are reading independently already and should be selecting books not only that they can read for enjoyment but books that they can read for information ( many of the scholastic books have grade level non-fiction books to choose from) I am bringing more of these types of books into the classroom to share with the class. Look for a “Reading with Your Child” Sheet in your child’s folder today. There is a reading log on the back side.

In math many of the children are working on counting and number writing while others are working on addition and subtraction. Many of our classroom daily calendar activities incorporate math concepts. We look for patterns, order numbers, count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 100’s along with problem solving using number charts and the calendar.

Remember to send your child in with winter clothing- hats and gloves are a must during these cold days!

Enjoy the weekend,

Tracey McQuay