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Parparim News - March 23rd

 Dear Families,

This week our letter focus is the vowel “u”. This is our last vowel sound so we will be spending the next two shorter weeks working with the short and long sound this letter can make as well as some word families that incorporate this letter sound. (_ug, _un, _um, _us, _ut).  Some of us will also be working with long vowel sound/patterns for “u”. Because of our unusual schedule for conferences this week, I will not be giving out a spelling list this week. We will be working with our popcorn words; has, our and have.

The class has really enjoyed reading books written by Tomie dePaola. We have been focusing on story elements: characters, setting, problem and conclusion. We have been sequencing events and making predictions. The children are beginning to make connections for their own writing.

In math the older students have been working with fact families ( for example: 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-3=2 or 5-2=3). It would be very helpful if they were practicing their basic addition facts for quick recall instead of “finger counting” (flashcards are great for this). The younger students have been sent home with their paper clocks. They have learned about the hour hand and minute hand, sequencing numbers 1-12, am and pm, how many hours in a day and how many minutes in an hour.

Please make sure your child has their home/school folder each day. Also with the weather beginning to warm up, we will be having outdoor recess frequently. Please have your child bring in a change of clothes in case they get muddy or wet. “Puddle” or rain boots are great for this time of year! Also, sneakers or shoes should be sent in for class time; winter boots all day long can get pretty warm.

I look forward to our conferences scheduled for this week. If you cannot make it please contact the office ASAP. I ‘m willing to reschedule a time with you one day next week before school or at the end of the day.

Enjoy the week,

Tracey McQuay