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Parparim Newsletter

March 13, 2015

Dear Parparim Families,

Thank you for sending in items to celebrate 100 days of school. The class has enjoyed counting them and sharing them. Some of the items sent in were edible, unfortunately not kosher (or in a packet with the kosher symbol).  I told the children they could share them if they wanted, but that they could not be eaten at school. At home it is up to you if they are consumable. These items were: pretzel rods, candy and almonds. Some of the children brought in pennies and many donations were made to the tzedakan box and some children decided they wanted to hold onto their own items to bring home. All items were sent home today along with their 100 day book. There are a few children that need to finish these tomorrow and will bring them home then. This week has given us many opportunities to work with numbers and to identify patterns.

We will be spending the next week doing an author study of Tomie dePaola. We will share books and focus on the topic of story writing. Mr. dePaola has written many children’s books based upon personal stories from his childhood.

We will then being a science unit on Animal Life Cycles- just in time for the arrival of Spring. We will be studying chickens, frogs and butterflies- hopefully with any luck we will successfully hatch these in our own classroom!

This week I am starting a “Bi-weekly” communication sheet. Every other week you will receive an update regarding your child’s progress. On the off weeks I will be sending these same sheets home to the Nesharim parents. I am hoping this will give you the personal communication you need.

I look forward to conferences later this month and to speak about the growth your child has made this year.


Tracey McQuay