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Parparim Newsletter

February 27, 2015

Dear Parents,

In Ivrit, the focus this week is Purim. The Parparim are becoming more familiar with the story of Purim, the Mitzvot of Purim, the customs and rituals, and vocabulary associated with this holiday.

This week’s parasha is called Parashat T’zaveh. This parasha talks about who were chosen to be the Kohanim and what clothing needed to be worn in order to perform the jobs in the Mishkan.

This week’s Midrash: Why was Aharon chosen to be the Kohen Gadol and not Moshe?

Here are a few of the responses:

  • Maybe because Aharon was the older brother and knows more about the rules
  • Moshe was punished for hitting the rock
  • Maybe Aharon had more gold to give
  • Maybe because Aharon does what Hashem says

The castle in “Shushan” (our block area) has seen lots of traffic. Bigtan and Teresh, the palace guards, have been watching over the castle. The Melech and Malka have been greeting many guests (Parparim in costumes) into their palace.

Our classroom library is filled with books about Purim, both in Hebrew and English. A favorite Hebrew story of Parparim is called Lichvod Purim, Me Ba’kitah?

The manipulative area has puzzles, games and graggers to use.

The poem center has a familiar song called Chag Purim that the Parparim are viewing daily.

Next week, the Parparim will be joining in the week long Purim festivities.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana and RIna