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Parparim News

Parparim News

May 11th

Dear Families,

There has been a lot of excitement in our classroom this past week. We first watched our hungry larva (caterpillars) grown and form into a pupa, then after a week, all 5 hatched into beautiful painted lady butterflies. Ask your child: How many butterflies we have and what are we feeding them? We will release them on Tuesday afternoon. Our focus is now turning to the life cycle of frogs. We will watch a few video clips, read many books and share what we already know to write about what we have learned. We are hoping to find some frog eggs or tadpoles to observe as well.

Our letter of the week is V v, we are on the look-out for words with the letter v sound. Our popcorn word is come, please add it to your list at home. Last week many of our younger students were sent home with a list of our popcorn words and the words they need extra practice with. Our spelling group has been introduce to long vowel sounds and are working with the “ate” pattern this week. Many of our “readers” are really taking off, building fluency and comprehension for what they read. Others are making great strides as emerging readers.

In math we have been working with measuring tools like rulers, yard sticks and tape measures. We have been building vocabulary and making comparisons using words like: longer, shorter, taller, smaller, bigger, same or equal. We have also begun work with addition for our younger children. Building groups, counting, introducing addition and equal symbols (+, =) Modeling addition has been a big part of our lessons. Our older students have been working with fact families for addition and subtraction and even 2 digit addition without regrouping.

If your child requires sunscreen, please put it on them before coming to school. I cannot put it on them, the nurse has to, and it becomes quite time consuming. Also, our rooms become quite warm, so dress appropriately and send in labeled water bottles. Fresh fruit and veggies make great snacks on these warmer days as well.

A reminder that our School Learning Fair is next Friday, May 22nd.

Enjoy the week,

Tracey McQuay