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Parparim News- April 24th


Dear Families,

The Parparim class has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our caterpillars- luckily, this week we greeted 5 hungry caterpillars that we will watch develop through the stages of life that we have been learning about in class. Our focus over the next few weeks will be on Animal Life Cycles. We will explore butterflies, frogs and chicks. Hopefully we will be able to hatch eggs from each!

On Monday, I will be sending home a hard copy of our popcorn word list. These words are used in our journal writing and in our reading. Many of our older students have been working with additional words and sound patterns and are decoding and encoding through reading and writing daily. We have also been working on “why we read?” and how we comprehend. Also, what strategies we use and what questions we can ask when reading.

This week we also began talking about measurement and introduced inch(es) and feet. We pretended that we were “Butterflies” and spread our wings out and measured them using a tape measure. The older students helped the younger students read 2 digit numbers, we compared numbers using a number line to see who had the larger and smaller wingspan. We have been talking about even and odd numbers and using models to demonstrate the concept.

Please remember to return your weekly reading logs and to add our weekly alphabet poems to your “I CAN” binders. The children love to look through our classroom binder and big book to sing each of the poems. Many of the students cannot read the poems, but as they build their word decoding strategies they will begin to match letters/sounds and words to poems. They are all always on the look- out for popcorn words and word patterns!

We have encouraged the children to take home their winter clothing from their lockers, if you are in the building please take a look in your child’s locker and check for extra clothes.

Enjoy the weekend,

Tracey McQuay