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Parparim Newsletter- February 13th

Dear Families,

The Parparim class has almost finished their penguin unit. I had planned on having it finished before break, but with the snow days we will wrap things up the first two days we return and celebrate with a Penguin Party on Wednesday, February 25th. Please have your child wear black and white on this day (I will send out a reminder after vacation). We have learned a great deal about penguins. Today we compared weight and height of penguins and put them in order of smallest to largest!

The children have all been learning about clocks. Some of the children are just beginning to understand time and how we measure it. We have introduced vocabulary; clock, hour, minute, digital, clock face, am and pm. Others are learning time to the hour and half hour and some are learning minutes and counting by five’s. Everyone has made a paper plate model clock that we will be using over the next few weeks. We also have been counting the days of school, today was #88. Soon we will be celebrating the 100th day of school. Each child will be asked to bring in a collection of 100 items; 100 pennies, pieces of cereal, stickers, etc. I will send out more information following vacation, but start talking with your child about what they would like to do. There are some great ideas online as well. We have been counting by 10’s and ones to mark the days so ask them to do this for you as well. This week we started looking at number and making even and odd groups and looking for patterns of every other number.

After break we will introduce the letters Cc and Kk. We will work with the sound ck (ock and ack  patterns for of my readers). I have been assessing the students at each of their levels and am very pleased with their progress from September!

Enjoy the winter break,

Tracey McQuay