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Parparim News

January 30, 2015

Dear Parents,

Over the last two weeks, our main focus was the upcoming holiday of Tu B’shvat. Each center was filled with different activities pertaining to trees.

In Science, we conducted an experiment with one of the Shivat Haminim, grapes. We made grapes ‘dance’ and shared the experiment with the entire school at Tefillot on Thursday, where we presented many facts about grapes.  Another experiment involved making a working clock out of two pieces of fruit.

We planted various seeds: mung beans, lima beans, popcorn kernels, mustard seeds and parsley. We will monitor the growth of each of the above and keep track of the results.

In Ivrit, the vocabulary learned was Chelkay Haetz, parts of a tree. We played games and sang songs to help us remember the words.

In the art center, we made seed collages, painted beautiful portraits of trees and created our own trees using various materials.

We read Hebrew books about trees and a favorite was called, Eitz Gadol, Eitz Katan. It is about a boy named Hillel who interviews his family members about why they like trees.

This week’s parasha, Parashat Beshalach was discussed. We learned of K’riyat Yam Soof, the parting of the Sea of Reeds, and how Bnei Yisrael survived in the desert with the manna, food that Hashem provided daily, except on Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana and Rina