On your desktop

If you view your calendars using the calendar software that came with your computer, you’ll need to subscribe using that application. Most calendar software, including Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s Calendar software use the .ics format for subscribed calendars. The .ics address for the Hebrew Academy main calendar is:


Create a new Calendar subscription in your calendar software and paste the above link address into the Calendar URL field. You can control which calendars appear in your list at:


On your devices

Using Calendar on your Phone or Mobile device

Syncing calendars to your phone or other mobile device is generally very easy, but the instructions vary between devices. Detailed setup instructions are provided by Google.

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or any other CalDAV device, set up your Gmail account to sync your calendars to the calendar app on the phone. Then, using a web browser on any device, select the calendars you wish to have sync at:


If you have an Android device, you can use GoogleSync to see your subscribed calendars on your device. If you already use a CalDAV client on an Android device, see the instructions above.

Subscribing to Calendars

Subscribing to a calendar gives you the ability to see events alongside your own personal schedule. Once you have an account with Google, subscribing to Hebrew Academy calendars is simple. Open the Hebrew Academy calendar page in a web page. At the bottom right corner of the calendar is a Google Calendar button. Clicking on this button will give you the option of subscribing to any of HACD’s public calendars.


Subscribing to a calendar lets you read the calendar. You will not be able to make changes to the HACD calendar, but you can copy individual items easily into your own calendar.

The Hebrew Academy calendar is powered by Google Calendar. With this technology comes a whole range of features which can keep you up to date with the goings-on at school. In order to take advantage of most of these features, it will help to have a free Google account.

Our Calendar

What else can I do?

In Google Calendar is the option to receive a daily email with a list of scheduled events for the day, or text reminders. Go to your Google Calendar page. On the left side of the screen, hovering over the name of the calendar you would like reminders for causes a triangle to appear. Click the triangle and select Edit Notifications. You will be given the option to receive reminders or a daily agenda via email or text message (SMS). These settings need to be set for each of the calendars for which you would like to receive reminders.

In Google Calendar, you can copy an event from a subscribed calendar to your own calendar, where you can edit details, add notes and invite other people to join you.

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