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Nesharim Newsletter

Nesharim News- December 5th

Dear Nesharim Families,

The class has added their last layer to on their paper mache globes (I apologize for the mess the children made to their clothes). Next week the children will be painting them and adding the continents that we have been learning about. We have also been working with maps to locate and label each continent and ocean. In your child’s folder is a “Continent” song that we have been working on, please encourage your child to practice this. The class will be making a presentation, using this song, to the school during next week’s ONEG; you are welcome to join us. This same song will be presented during Grandparent/Special Friend day on December 19.

The children will also be finishing the book My Father’s Dragon next week. They have been learning many new skills that help to build comprehension and to facilitate discussions for what they have read. They are also learning how to respond in writing to questions, building vocabulary and using complete sentences to provide evidence for their answers. I will be sending home their work packets before the winter break.

In math we are building a better understanding for problem solving and modeling answers. In multiplication we have been creating arrays and with addition we are using place value mats and cube blocks to build numbers into the hundreds. Groups should continue to practice basic facts to build fluency.

Remember to send your child with winter clothing for recess- hats and gloves are a must on these colder days.

Enjoy the weekend,

Tracey McQuay