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Nesharim Newsletter

February 13, 2015

Dear Nesharim Parents,

This week in Chumash, we talked about which foods items are permissible to eat and which are not permissible to eat in Gan Eden,

What did the snake say that we can eat and what will happen if will eat – we will have the knowledge as god.

In this week’s parasha, Parashat Mishpatim, we discussed the rules that are listed in the Parasha, and compared these rules to rules we have today.

Our weekly question that was discussed was: Why did B’nei Yisrael say, Na’ase V’nishma, we will do and we will listen. The Nesharim had great ideas!

We finished a unit on Tu B’shvat, as well as a life cycle unit and have begun our unit on Purim.

Shabbat Shalom and have a warm vacation!

Morah Keren and Morah Chana.