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Nesharim Newsletter

February 6, 2015

Dear Nesharim parents:

We another great week!  Our main topic was Tu B’shvat, as we continued learning about the cycles in the world such as the cycle of days and months.   We read a story about “Honi, the Circle Maker” and discussed the important message of the story.   The Nesharim made great learning games about Tu B’Shvat that we shared with the Dolphinim!

In Chumash, we finished perek Bet. We talked about Gan Eden and we made pictures of how we imagined Gan Eden would look.

This week’s parasha is Parashat Yitro. The main topics we discussed were: the revelation at Sinai, and the Ten Commandments and what they mean.

Have a great weekend,

Morah Keren, Morah Chana.