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Nesharim Newsletter

January, 9th 2015

Dear Nesharim Parents,

It was nice to return after the long winter break.

During the coming weeks, our topic in tefillah will be Birkot Shachar, the morning blessings.  This week we are focusing on God’s names, and what basic words such as baruch (blessing) mean.  We are also reviewing the actions of awakening.

In Chumash, we studied how God created woman, and how the word for woman (Eshah) is a combination of man (Esh) and God (“ah” – the hay ending of Eshah).

In Parasha, we started the second book of the Torah, Shemot, and talked about the first parasha, which has the same name as the book.  We learned that the new Pharaoh of Egypt, who didn’t know Joseph, made the Israelites slaves and commanded that every baby boy be killed.  We discussed the birth of Moses, why he fled Egypt, and the burning bush.  We talked about Moses and his brother Aaron approaching Pharaoh to tell him to let the Israelites go.   Our weekly Parasha question was, “Why didn’t Moses want to talk to Pharaoh?” The children gave their own beautiful interpretations to this question.

The holiday of Tu B’Shvat, Israel’s Arbor Day, is less than a month away and is already a “guest” in our classroom.  We sang songs and discussed environmental questions.  We also reviewed the argument between the House of Shamai and the House of Hillel concerning the appropriate date for Tu B’Shevat.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Keren and Morah Chana