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Nesharim News

December, 15, 2014

Dear Nesharim Parents,

It’s been another exciting week in our classroom. Here are some highlights.

In Chumash, the topics that we focused on were the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, which foods can be eaten and which are forbidden to eat in Gan Eden, and man’s work and responsibilities in Gan Eden.

The blessing that is recited before learning Torah, La’asok B’divreh Torah, was the topic of our conversation this week in Prayer.

In this week’s parasha, Parashat Va’yeshev, we discussed the main story of Yosef and his brothers and their relationship with each other.   The parasha question for the week that was discussed in depth was: Why did Yosef’s brothers hate him so much? To help us dig a little deeper into the relationship between Yosef and his brothers, we read a story about King Shaul’s reign as King and the jealousy he felt towards David. We were able to make a comparison to Yosef’s brothers and their feelings towards him.

We continued to learn more mitzvot about Chanukah, particularly the mitzvah of Pirsum Hanes, publicizing the miracle. A lesson was conducted about the makeup of a kosher chanukiah, as well. More stories are being read, along with more singing of Chanukah songs. The Nesharim are excited to be able to create their own Chanukah games to share with one another next week.

We look forward to welcoming our grandparents and special friends next Friday.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Keren and Morah Chana