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Nesharim Newsletter- February 13th

Dear Families,

The class has been working to gather information using the note taking strategies they have learned and the outline they were given. Many of the students have begun writing their information into paragraphs in their ocean life report packet. We will finish these following vacation and then begin our power point instruction.

During the month of March we will begin a mystery unit. We will be selecting reading materials, writing mysteries and having fun with some of Lucinda Landon’s books. Following vacation, everyone should have completed their second book report and will make their presentations. I am suggesting that they consider a mystery as their next book report book, if they have not done so already.

I will begin a unit on measurement for the whole class in addition to the small group math instruction. It is very important that the children be practicing their facts at home for increased accuracy and speed. The older students have been introduced to facts through 6 and the younger students should know all their facts through 10; this group has begun 2 digit addition with regrouping.

Enjoy the winter break,

Tracey McQuay