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Nesharim News

December 19, 2014


Dear Nesharim Parents,


What a busy week we had in the Nesharim classroom!   The main focus was getting ready for Chanukah, which the Nesharim truly enjoyed.


The Nesharim designed all different kinds of games to share with each other, from trivia games to board games to memory games. One highlight of the week was when the entire school gathered to light the large chanukiah and sing songs together before dismissal on each day of Chanukah.


By week’s end, we completed our Chanukah unit that included music, songs, stories, and blessings.


In this week’s parasha, Parashat Miketz, we discussed the main topics of the parasha:  Pharaoh’s dreams, Yosef’s new role in Mitzrayim, and Yosef’s meeting with his brothers.

This week’s question for discussion is: How is it possible that Yosef recognized his brothers but his brothers did not recognize him?

We read a midrash about the length of time Hashem planned the famine to last (42 years) and how and why it was changed (2 years).


In Tefillah this week the focus was the mitzvah of tzitzit. We read a pasuk in the book of Bamidbar, where we find the mitzvah of tzitzit, and made the connection to the recitation of the Shema.


Thank you for the gift cards that I received. It is very much appreciated.


Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the vacation,


Keren and Morah Chana