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Nesharim News

December 18, 2014

Dear Families,

This week we are finishing up many classroom activities.  The class have all finished their globes and have them hanging proudly in the classroom:

Nesharim Globes

We have also finished reading the book My Father’s Dragon and most of the children have finished their writing packet to go along with the book. We have been working on how to write  a response to question using a complete sentence and to use details from what we have read.  I will send these packets home after the break. We are also finishing our read- aloud book called the Pushcart War; we have had some wonderful predictions for the ending on Friday!

In math we continue to work with understanding multiplication as repeated addition and are using this to solve word problems, while the other group is working with place value to 100. Learning how to pick out key information is proving to be quite challenging for both groups.

This week we have a spelling test on Friday but no Current Events due to our visitors for grandparent/ Special Friends day. The class will be sharing their knowledge of maps and globes for a quiz game with our visitors.

As we officially welcome winter this weekend, I hope you all enjoy the winter break with your children. Happy New Year!


Tracey McQuay