Physical Education

Bet Shraga is fortunate to have a large, well equipped gymnasium, as well as an extensive outdoor play yard with three playing fields and climbing equipment for the primary aged children. During PE, children have opportunities to engage in developmentally appropriate exercises, team sports, gymnastics, and physically challenging games that develop a sense of teamwork.

We also participate in the Hebrew Academy Fitness Challenge and Project Adventure where the students complete challenging tasks by using teamwork, trust and communication.


Cohort Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Kindergarten/First Grade 9:00-9:30 1:00-1:30 1:30-2:00
Second/Third Grades 9:45-10:15 9:30-10:00 8:30-9:00
Fourth/Fifth Grades 1:00-1:30 1:45-2:15 10:25-10:55
Sixth/Seventh/Eighth Grades 1:32-2:20 2:22-3:05

2015-2016 Curriculum

This year’s HACD PE Curriculum includes a wide variety of different sports and activities. All units emphasize the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. In between some of the units there are weeks of “game breaks,” where students will be playing games which have less instruction allowing for even more activity!

Soccer 9/16 – 10/15: Students will learn or review basic skills such as passing, shooting and defending and will utilize them in competitive situations.

Fitness Testing 10/20-10/29: Students will participate in baseline fitness testing for comparison at the end of the school year.

Nuclear Reactor 11/3-11/5: GAME BREAK

Floor Hockey 11/10-11/25: Students will learn or review basic skills such as passing, shooting and defending and will utilize them in competitive situations while maintaining proper stick safety and mouth guard.

Dance 12/1-12/23: Students will learn and participate in many different types of line dances, aerobic dances and partner dances

Cooperative Games 1/5-1/14: Students will participate in various cooperative activities focusing on teamwork and other important skills.

KFC ball 1/19-1/21: GAME BREAK

Bowling/Rolling games 1/26-2/11: Students will learn and participate in different types of games involving rolling including bowling.

Badminton 2/22-3/10: Students will learn or review skills and rules important in badminton and strategies that can be applied to different net sports.

Yoga 3/15-3/24: Students will participate in basic Yoga lessons and routines, and will work on meditation and relaxation.

Speed Ball 3/29-3/31: GAME BREAK

Striking/Diamond games 4/5-4/21: Students will learn basic skills used in different diamond and striking games, and will participate in games in or modified from softball, baseball, kickball and cricket.

Ultimate 5/3-5/12: Students will learn basic rules of ultimate and will utilize them in games using a Frisbee and other equipment.

Fitness Testing 5/17-5/26: Students will participate in another round of skills testing for statistical comparison from results from the beginning of the year.

Lacrosse 5/31-6/16: Students will learn the basic skills and rules of lacrosse and will participate in different modified games utilizing the different skills and rules.

Outdoor Games 6/21-6/23: Students will play different outdoor games that can be played during summer vacation!

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