Physical Education

Bet Shraga is fortunate to have a large, well equipped gymnasium, as well as an extensive outdoor play yard with three playing fields and climbing equipment for the primary aged children. During PE, children have opportunities to engage in developmentally appropriate exercises, team sports, gymnastics, and physically challenging games that develop a sense of teamwork.

We also participate in the Hebrew Academy Fitness Challenge and Project Adventure where the students complete challenging tasks by using teamwork, trust and communication.

2014-2015 PE Curriculum

Physical Education Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PE 8 9:40-10:28 PE 6/7 9:14-9:54 PE K/1 9:30-10:00 PE 6/7 9:50-10:36 PE 8 9:16-9:52
PE 4/5 12:45-1:15 PE K/1 1:00-1:30 PE 4/5 10:00-10:30 PE 4/5 12:45-1:15
PE K/1 1:30-2:00 PE 2/3 1:45-2:15 PE 2/3 1:30-2:00