At Hebrew Academy, differentiated learning is facilitated mostly in multiage classrooms: 4-6 year olds (K-1), 7-8 year olds (2nd -3rd grades), 9-10 year olds (4th -5th grades) and 11-13 year olds (6th -8th grades).

Our Multiage Classrooms:
Are student centered, with teachers deriving the next instructional point for each person, as determined through ongoing individual assessment
Apply the New York State Common Core and other curricular standards as learning goals for individual students.
Include daily teacher-directed learning and assessment as well as student-directed opportunities for exploration, reflection, and practice
Take advantage of the diverse student community to celebrate differences and offer family-like mentoring and robust social opportunities
Are led by teachers who co-plan, team teach, strategize fluid groupings, and assess students daily so that each one develops along his/her own challenging, motivating, and developmentally sound learning path.
Prepare students well for success in more “normative” environments in high school and university
Prepare students well for fulfillment in the real world of today and tomorrow

Multiage learning does not:

Hold advanced students back from learning, no matter their “grade level”
Neglect any child’s interests, learning needs, or personal development
Prioritize the teacher or the curriculum over the individual student
Measure children against each other
Attempt to deliver different curricula to two groups at the same time
Categorize children for bureaucratic ease

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