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Learning Fair

Learning Fair!

On March 29, 2016, we are excited to open our classroom doors for parents and friends to come to our learning fair! The fair begins at 1:00 pm.

Our K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 classes will be preparing class projects in school with their instructors. Some of these projects are geared explicitly towards science topics, and others are incorporating other elements of the curriculum they have studied so far. Thus our incorporation of both a science & learning fair. The 8th graders will be individually presenting different experiments around one of the Earth Science labs that they must complete as part of the NY State Regents requirements. Their chosen topics include deposition/erosion, calculating epicenters of earthquakes, and the rock cycle and identification of rocks & minerals. Lastly our 6-7 class will be conducting either individual experiments or research projects. They are being given in-school time to determine a procedure and direction that is instructor approved to help ensure they are on a path that is feasible.

All of our middle school students will also be presenting a book they have created around what we call “the curiosity box”. The relationship between art, curiosity, and science is something we have spent particular attention to this year. Our middle school students will present more details at the fair about their ideas around curiosity and art and the relationship to learning and science.

For next year....

Next year, we would like to shift to a science fair as we continue building a robust, project-driven K-8 science curriculum. In preparation for that, we are in search of the following:

  1. Parent volunteers who feel comfortable mentoring a team of students in exploring an idea/experiment. If you would be comfortable doing so please inform email hidden; JavaScript is required and include any specific general topics you are more comfortable with.
  2. Scientists/engineers/researchers who would be interested in coming in to HACD next year to help expose our children to scientific inquiry and who would be willing to serve as peer-reviewers for the science fair. If you have access to professionals such as those in your network, please email hidden; JavaScript is required us.
  3. Participating in local science/knowledge competitions, such as those sponsored by GE or other organizations. If you know of any, please let email hidden; JavaScript is required know.