Julie Pollack

Shalom!  Welcome to Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy.

The Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District is in its 54th year of providing an exceptional Judaic and general studies education to the children of our Jewish community.  Challenged by a rich curriculum in both general and Judaic studies, our students learn from their teachers and from each other in a caring and nurturing environment that is steeped in Jewish values.  Our graduates leave us secure in who they are and ready to step into the larger world.  They excel in high school, college, and their chosen careers. They are making an impact in their communities and in the world. Some graduates have even returned to teach with us!   I am honored to serve as Principal of this very special school.

Bet Shraga is special because we are a diverse and inclusive school community.  Our teachers, students, and parents come from a variety of Jewish backgrounds with varying practices and traditions.  We respect and value our diversity as we work together to foster a lifetime connection to the Jewish people.

Our teachers are experienced, skilled educators who are experts in their respective areas and who are devoted to our students and to our school.  Our dual curriculum in general and Judaic studies is delivered in multiage classrooms in which the child is the focus.  Our teachers are dedicated to providing each student with instruction tailored to meet individual strengths and needs.

We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Technology is integrated into both our general and Judaic studies classes and supports group learning as well as individual research and presentations.

We offer rich athletic and co-curricular programming with opportunities to explore music, art, drama, and mathematics.  Our annual school play is a highly anticipated event, and our Math Counts and Olympics of the Visual Arts teams make us proud.

I invite you to tour the school and to talk to me about how you and your family can be enriched by what we have to offer. I would be delighted to share my love of this school with you.


Julie Pollack

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