A Message from Nathan Graber, President, Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy Board of Trustees

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District (HACD). The diversity within our community and unique path that each family has traveled are foundational strengths of our school.  As the parent of a recent HACD graduate and two current students, I see the realization of a vision imparted to me by my parents and the childhood influences that shaped what I believe about the Jewish people. We are one nation –עם אחד (am echad) – connected through an unbreakable bond, sharing a common identity, representing a cross-section of society and each child holds a unique spark to be ignited by the community that shapes them.

When my family made the choice to relocate to Albany from New York City, we didn’t know what to expect. Everyone spoke of this amazing Jewish community we were about to join. When choosing a neighborhood to live in, a synagogue to join, and a school to send our kids to –  my wife and I looked at the teens and adults who grew up in this community. What we saw in the graduates of HACD, both recent and remote, religious and not, are the qualities that we wanted to see in our own children.

Among the most remarkable qualities of Hebrew Academy students is how secure they are in themselves, their identity, and the principles and values they hold. Children that grew up together in this school stay connected for years after graduation. And, they feel right at home with Jews from all traditions and degrees of observance, here in the United States and around the world. That connection, one that sees all the Jewish people as one family, doesn’t just come from the influences at home – it’s also a product of their experiences at HACD. 

Hebrew Academy of the Capital District is a traditional Jewish day school with a progressive agenda. The school strives to provide an outstanding secular and Judaics education in a setting that is distinctly Jewish, Zionistic and inclusive. At its core, students develop critical thinking skills that they carry throughout their education and on to their careers as adults. As chair of the board and president of HACD, I see our role as working together towards securing the resources that the head of school and teachers need to realize that vision. Whether you are a parent, volunteer, donor, or teacher, come partner with us in our mission to educate our children to maximize their potential –  as curious and caring students, and as future leaders and active citizens – secure in who they are as Jews.

ברוכים הבאים לבית ספר שלנו

Nathan M. Graber MD, MPH, FAAP

President, Bet Shraga Board of Trustees

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