2016 Honorees

Shira Arcus
Class of 1997

Michael Kay
Class of 1993

Jay Lefkowitz
Class of 1980

Dan Scher
Class of 1997

Julie Thaler (née Rosenthal)
Class of 1980

Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy Awards

The Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy Awards is a special tribute to our outstanding alumni and an acknowledgement of the highest standards our school has always placed on personal, spiritual, academic and professional achievement.

This year, our Academy Awards will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Please join us in paying tribute to the stars among us who are making strides in shaping the global community’s future with their outstanding accomplishments.

2015 Honorees

Nava Brandwein (née Silton)
Class of 1995

Jason Brzoska
Class of 1994

David Kriegel
Class of 1979

Adriana Schaffer
Class of 2007

Ruthie Simon (née Strosberg)
Class of 1990

Gail Schwartz
Teacher Honoree

2014 Honorees

Yosef Birnboim
Class of 1991

Shira Ginsburg
Class of 1991

Deborah Isser
Class of 1983

David Katz
Class of 1993

David Morrison
Class of 1994

Avi Rasowsky
Class of 1997

Simcha Pearl
10th Grade Class of 1974

Nomination Form

Each year, through open nominations, we select individuals who are alumni of the Hebrew Academy and making a difference in others' lives. Our honorees are leaders and emerging leaders in business, politics, the arts and sciences, nonprofit organizations, Jewish education, technology, ecology, and community involvement.

Nominations for Academy Award nominees may be made at any time during the year. Selected honorees are notified 3-4 months prior to the Academy Awards.

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