The success of Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District is due in no small part to the tremendous support our school receives from parents, faculty, staff, and our community at large. Our challenges range from providing short-term tuition support to investing in our long-term sustainability, and every gift makes a difference.

We are happy to accept gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other non-cash assets. We are happy to accept gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other non-cash assets. Please contact our email hidden; JavaScript is required to discuss your individual bequests.

Tribute Donations

Your generous gift can be a fitting tribute to a friend, respected colleague or loved one.

Honor tributes are a wonderful way to acknowledge special people or commemorate life cycle events. Memorial tributes help us remember those we have lost. Tribute donations are wonderful presents for those who appreciate receiving meaningful gifts. We are happy to accept gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other non-cash assets. Some donors may accrue tax advantages for donating appreciated securities. Consult with your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation.

Donations are gratefully accepted for specific purposes as well as in general support of our school. Below is a list of our Annual and Endowment Funds currently available for funding.

Annual Funds

  • Shomray Torah Annual Fundraising Campaign
  • Special Grants and Projects
  • Joseph Hershberg Middle School Fund
  • 8th Grade School Trip
  • Dan Miller Middle School Fund

Endowment Funds

  • The Richard H. Friedman Endowment Fund
  • Linda and Dan Hershberg Fund
  • Joan and Jack Rosenblum Fund
  • Zuckerman Trust Fund
  • Pozner Family Teacher Training Fund
  • Milton and Vivian Judkowitz Fund
  • Ruth D. Laven Endowment Fund
  • Morton Berger Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Helen Moss Memorial Endowment Fund
  • BBL Endowment Fund
  • Martha and Emanuel Schiffer Endowment Fund
  • Lieberman Fund
  • Mary Rosenstein Fund
  • Eve Kneznek Estate Fund
  • Bea Albert Library Fund
  • Hebrew Academy Scholarship Fund
  • Clarice and George Silverstein Fund

To make a tribute donation to a specific fund, please fill out the Endowment and Donation Request form and submit it to the office.

Shomray Torah Annual Campaign

donate buttonFor over 50 years, Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District has been part of our community. For over 50 years, our school membership has been a microcosm of the Jewish community in all its diversity, spanning the full spectrum of Jewish beliefs, practices, and identifications.

Every day, our students study and celebrate together. Every day, our students support and encourage each other. In this caring community, they cultivate connections, seek similarities, and learn to recognize the divine spark in one another— creating enduring friendships that last a lifetime.

Gifts to our school remove financial barriers for families wishing to attend, support our comprehensive, quality education in both General and Judaic studies, and provide us with the means to update our building and technology. We depend on the generous and ongoing support of donors who recognize the value of what we offer to our students, their families, and the Jewish community. We hope to be able to count you as a partner in shaping our future.

Providing a Jewish day school education to children regardless of their family’s ability to pay has always been one of our core values. Every gift makes a difference.

Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy Awards

The Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy Awards is a special tribute to our outstanding alumni and an acknowledgement of the highest standards our school has always placed on personal, spiritual, academic and professional achievement. Each year, through open nominations, we select individuals who are alumni of the Hebrew Academy and making a difference in others' lives. Our honorees are leaders and emerging leaders in business, politics, the arts and sciences, nonprofit organizations, Jewish education, technology, ecology, and community involvement.

This year, our Academy Awards will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at Temple Israel.

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