A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition

Fundraising, Times Two

Once a year, we ask our parents to go out and solicit support for our Shomray Torah campaign from their friends, neighbors, relations, and co-workers. That's important, yes, but do you know what's even more important? Your support.

Let's talk about this for a minute, OK? Prospective funders outside our school community, while they recognize that our families are our biggest contributors, are always interested in knowing how many of us are willing to financially support our school outside of tuition. In prior years, when we have been able to tell prospective donors that 100% of our families participate, we saw the tremendous power of that single data point. 

Now, you and I both know that is totally not a fair assessment. We have a ridiculously high rate of parents and grandparents who volunteer in and for our school, who clip and sew and shop and knead and cover unexpected expenses and use their own funds to bring special programs to the school. I don’t want you to think that those efforts go unnoticed or un-commented upon when I am talking to people about the amazing community that we have created here, because they don’t.

Unfortunately, though, the reality is that outside donors give more to us when more of us give to us, which is why I'm asking each and every one of you to please participate.


Holiday Gift Cards

If you find soliciting funds to be too off-putting and uncomfortable, I'm so pleased to let you know about our Holiday Gift Card drive.

Basically, we provide you with an envelope, an order form, and a short list of gift cards that earn rebates for the school. You makes the sale, collect the money, and return the order form to school. A week or so later, you will pick up your gift cards, already sorted and packaged into individual orders, and then deliver them to your customers. If they want to see all of the available gift cards - and there are a lot of them - your customers can create their own account online. There are instructions on how to do that right on the order form. If they continue to order gift cards throughout the year, great! If not, no big deal.

We will be sending the sales packs home on Wednesday, November 30. The order forms and payment in full must be returned to school by December 12 so that everyone will have their orders delivered before the holidays.

Good luck and happy selling!
- Michele

Some important nuggets of information:

  1. If your customer would like to be added to our mailing list, check the "ADD" box on the order form.
  2. No cards will be ordered without advance payment. If you want to front your friends 20 large so they can splurge on new furniture that focuses on the intersection of modern design, affordability, and community, that's very generous of you. Please know, though, that we won't be ordering $20,000.00 worth of West Elm gift cards without a check from someone.
  3. Speaking of checks, they should be made payable to HACD.
  4. There are no minimums or maximums for your sale. We are grateful for whatever you do.
  5. We are, by design, not sending you out into the world with 6 pages filled with hundreds of small-font, tightly-spaced, options. That's way too overwhelming for a casual office sale. (Plus, there are cards on there - like, for example, Lane Bryant or Destination XL - that should never be given as gifts.) If your friends/colleagues/co-workers want to see the other 200 options, they can sign up for an account at shopwithscrip.com using enrollment code 15B1BE194L316. (Don't worry about remembering that number. It's on the page with the list of gift cards.)

That's it. Download your order form today!