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Dolphinim Newsletter

Hello Parent(s),

As you read this, I hope you are looking forward to the beauty of winter that is about to descend upon us.

The Dolphinim are in the midst of Exploration projects.  All students have completed the minimum work required at this point, and many are moving along to the next phases.  As always, I will be meeting with your child at least weekly, often more frequently, throughout this process.  Please note that the project assignment is attached again, for your convenience.

As most students have completed the initial research phase, we will be returning to our weekly Time for Kids work, and beginning a new class novel.  The book will be Night Journeys, by Avi.  Avi is a wonderful, award-winning author, who is skilled at writing in many different genres.  This book is an historical fiction based in the U. S. Colonies, pre-Revolution.  This will serve as both a language arts experience and an introduction to our next Social Studies unit, the Colonial Period.

As students are ready, presentations for the Exploration unit will take place.  Those finished early will be involved in other unit activities, to be announced.  Looking ahead, we will be having another science unit, Rocks and Minerals, after February break.

Daily Language continues, with students showing growth in usage, grammar, spelling, etc.  It is so nice to see!

Here’s to the snow!


Nancy Eson