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Dolphinim Newsletter

January 16, 2015

Dear Dolphinim Parents,

This week our classroom was filled with enthusiastic learners.

In Parasha, we discussed Parashat Va’era. The main topics were the return of Moshe to Mitzrayim, Moshe and Aharon meeting Pharaoh, and a detailed discussion about seven of the ten plagues. We discussed each plague, how long it lasted, the effects it had on the Mitzrim, and the fact that the Hebrews were not affected at all in Goshen.

The weekly question was, “Why did Aharon, and not Moshe, hit the Nile River and bring upon Mitzrayim the plague of blood?”  We were able to come up with answers with the help of Rashi and Rashbam and the Dolphinim’s thoughts as well. A response was that we don’t want to hurt someone who has done something good for us. Moshe did not want to hurt the river that had saved his life as an infant.

In Chumash, we finished Perek 37, and turned our focus to Yaacov. We imagined ourselves as Yaacov, thinking about his thoughts and actions in certain situations. If we were Yaacov, would we say the same things?  Would we react the same way that he did?  We put our ideas down on paper.

In Chagim, Tu B’shvat is in full swing in the Dolphinim classroom. We started to learn about laws and customs of Tu B’shvat. The Dolphinim began to work on tree projects, and on creating their own games about the holiday. We also read a story called, “Honi the Circle Maker” and discussed what type of person he was in his generation, what role he played, and how others viewed him.

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the weekend,