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Dolphinim Newsletter

December 19, 2014

Dear Dolphinim Parents,

We completed our Chanukah unit this week. The Dolphinim enjoyed learning new songs and reading new stories.

What fun was had this week with the Parparim class!  Dolphinim were able to share games that they created.

In Parasha, this week’s question for discussion was: How is it possible that Yosef recognized his brothers but his brothers did not recognize him?

We read a Rashi and a Ramban interpretation to help us answer the above question. The Dolphinim were asked to come up with their own interpretation as well.

I came across a  Dvar Torah that I wanted to share with the class.  One on the main points that I highlighted was that it is easy to follow in Hashem’s ways when there are no other distractions. Yosef took it a step further, and not only followed in Hashem’s path well but was also able to maintain his daily responsibilities well.

In Chumash, we continued to learn about the time Yosef was in jail in Egypt.

It was exciting getting ready for Grandparents and Special Friends Day this week.

Thank you for the gift cards that I received. It is very much appreciated.

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the vacation,