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Dolphinim Newsletter

March 9, 2015

Dear Parent(s):

As you know, next Monday, March 16th will be our field trip to Schuyler Mansion in Albany. Thank you for your many offers to drive, and for returning permission slips promptly (mostly). The four students who still need to bring in signed permission slips were each given a hard copy to bring home with them today. As for drivers, we have an embarrassment of riches – more drivers than we need. I have accepted offers in the order they were received. Our drivers will be Rabbi Eligberg, Elana Kaminer, and Susan Sharfstein. Drivers should be ready to go at the car pool exit at 8:40 a.m. Thanks to all who offered!

Dolphinim are in the midst of their science unit on rocks and minerals. Reading, writing and lots of hands on work is ongoing. Last week, students made rocks, worked with triple balance beam scales, and began making rock candy. They learned about minerals, sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks. More to come!

We completed our reading of Avi’s novel Night Journeys. Students are writing stories based on this book, from a first-person point of view of a character from the book.

As we wrap up final presentations from the exploration unit this week, we have already begun our colonial era unit. The presentations continue to be impressive! We have read and discussed some introductory material, looked at maps, and learned about the role of quilts in colonial times. Each student is making a quilt square of his/her own. Additional unit-related activities will be introduced soon.

We continue with our Daily Language. I am seeing growth in many aspects, including cursive signatures, capitalization, spelling, grammar and usage.

Nancy Eson