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Dolphinim News

December, 15, 2014

Dear Dolphinim Parents,

It’s been another exciting week in our classroom.  Here are some highlights.

In Chumash, we focused mainly on two pesukim.  We noticed that there were many actions being performed from the time Yosef was thrown in the pit to the time that the brothers brought his special coat to Ya’akov, their father. Ya’akov recognized the special coat as belonging to his son Yosef and then came to the conclusion, on his own, that an animal must have attacked Yosef.

In this week’s parasha, Parashat Va’yeshev, we discussed the main story of Yosef and his brothers and their relationship with each other.   The parasha question for the week that was discussed in depth was: Why did Yosef’s brothers hate him so much?  Dolphinim were given the opportunity to enhance their learning about this week’s parasha. They were able to go to a website that focuses mainly on parashat ha’shavua, where there were matching games, word searches, crossword puzzles, and riddles.

In Ivrit, we completed our Israel projects in which each child chose a different place in Israel to research. The Dolphinim are anxiously waiting to share their findings next Friday at Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

We continue to learn more mitzvot about Chanukah, particularly the mitzvah of Pirsum Hanes, publicizing the miracle. A lesson was conducted about the makeup of a kosher chanukiah as well. More stories are being read, along with more singing of Chanukah songs. The Dolphinim are excited to be able to create their own Chanukah games to share with one another next week.

I look forward to welcoming our grandparents and special friends next Friday.

Shabbat Shalom,