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Shira Arcus

Shira Arcus, Class of 1997

Shira Arcus is a Kindergarten teacher at The IDEAL School & Academy, an independent, non-profit, co-educational school. IDEAL is an acronym that stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Excellence, Acceptance, and Leadership. Arcus – daughter or former HACD Kindergarten teacher and administrator Lorraine Arcus – received her bachelor’s degree in special education from the University of Maryland. After graduating she pursued her M.Ed. in Special Education at the University of Maryland and received her M.A. in International Educational Development from Teachers College.

While teaching Israeli dance and Hebrew during her high school years, Arcus realized teaching was her calling. At the inclusive school where she works now, she especially enjoys watching her diverse class of students learn and play together – affirming her belief that embracing diversity and inclusion is what the world needs.

Travel has also played a very important role in Arcus’ life. She has spent extended time living in South Africa, Rwanda and Ethiopia, and has traveled to many other countries in Africa, South America and Asia. She hopes to one day to take what she’s learned at IDEAL and promote inclusive education in developing countries, where students with different needs and from diverse backgrounds are often not able to attend school.