A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


October 24, 2017 HACD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

7:30 PM


Attendees: Nathan Graber, Barbara Brodsky, Stephen G. Levy, Ken Malsan, Jeff Wadler, Paul Mozer, Simone Leifer, Sandy Schuman, Amarit Rosin, Daniel Scher

Regrets: Stephen Wrzesinski, Rabbi David Eligberg

1. Meeting called to order 7:35 PM.

2. Welcome to Ken Malsan, our new VP Finance.

3. Dvar Torah

4. A) Approval of September 11, 2017 meeting minutes

Motion to approve: Jeff Wadler

Motion seconded: Amarit Rosin

Vote: Unanimously approved

B) Approval of June 2017 meeting minutes

Motion to approve: Paul Mozer

Motion seconded: Jeff Wadler

Vote: unanimously approved

5. Head of School (HOS) Report (Julie Pollack)

The board reviewed the HOS report. Julie highlighted that the school continues to hold to “minyanim” each day, an egalitarian service in the Beit Midrash and a Mechitza Minyan in the library. We have begun to involve community support in our Mechitza Minyan; Nathan Graber, Rob Kovach and Rabbi Feldman daven with those students once a week. In the Beit Midrash minyan, we have begun this year’s Torah reading program in which students are given the opportunity to prepare to chant a few verses of the week's parasha.

Julie also highlighted communication she had with two families regarding student enrollment. Several board members also happened to have conversations with one of the families about HACD. Julie indicated that we all should not underestimate the connection we make with other families when we talk with them about HACD.

Julie reported that November 10, 2017 is HACD’s Day of Service. Activities will include working on Ruth’s Garden, bowling with Special Olympics athletes, and working at the Shalom Food Pantry.

6. Committee Reports


Ken Malsan explained his financial background and skill set that fits his new role been as VP Finance. He has already met with Marian Robarge, business officer.


CONGRATULATIONS to Bess Wadler for her work on the Shomray Torah brochure!

Shomray Torah brochures in mail today, earlier than last year. A message will be placed in the Shabbaton.

Marian Robarge, Nathan Graber, and Rachael Woren plan to call donors.

Thank you to The Jewish Federation of NENY for covering cost of mailing the brochures.

Life and Legacy slides and PowerPoint emailed to Trustees. Purpose of Life and Legacy program is to increase the school’s endowment. It’s a community wide program and works to encourage supporters of the school to include HACD in their will. This four-year program includes trainings, technical support and financial support. Our school currently relies heavily on tuition and donations to operate. The goal of Life and Legacy is to reach a goal of having 20 percent of our operating budget be income from endowments by 2025. Ten organizations in our Jewish community will be chosen for the Life and Legacy program. There were 14 organizations in attendance at the orientation meeting. Based on Life and Legacy application criteria we expect to be eligible so the Legacy Team initiated the application process, which is due November 17, 2017. HACD’s Life and Legacy Team consists of:

Carolyn Levine, Bess Wadler, Sandy Schuman, Julie Pollack, Gail Kendall, and Nathan Graber.

Nathan Graber discussed Chanukah Match. Proceeds go into Shomray Torah to support the operating budget of the school including special programs and initiatives.

Recruitment (Report submitted by Naomi Mozer)

The Recruitment committee planned its big recruitment event, "How to Raise a Mensch" for the parents and "Sunday Funday for the Kids" on December 3, 2017 from 9 to 11 AM. The parent event will include a brunch followed by guest panelists Rabbi Dan Ornstein, Nathan Graber, M.D., HOS Julie Pollack, and Amy Bloom.

After brunch with their parents, the children will then breakaway into their own fun-day. Presenters will include Morah Channa and Coach A., among others. The children will experience music, sports, and story time.

Amarit Rosin has been working diligently to keep our social media image current and pertinent. The school is now using #tags, #HACD and #HACDadvantage. There are over 375 people "liking" our page and nearly 350 "following" the page.

We are also identifying families for next year‘s classes and the numbers are looking positive already!

Parent Organization

With regard to the December event at the Great Escape, we now have a donor for a common room. Our school lunch person is preparing menu. More information to come.


Barbara Brodsky reported that draft Records Retention Policy report is almost complete and will be shared with the Board at next month’s meeting.


Rabbi Eligberg will report at next month’s meeting. Nathan Graber reminded Trustees that we are always looking for people interested in becoming active on the Board.


No update.

7. Other Business

Nathan presented draft Board priorities document. Discussion occurred, with agreement that Nathan will continue his work on the draft. Discussion will continue and a new draft will be presented at a future meeting.

Nathan indicated the executive committee is comprised of Nathan Graber, Paul Mozer, Ken Malsan, Barbara Brodsky, and Sandor Schuman (consult).

8. Executive session

9. Motion discussed in executive session was unanimously approved.

Motion: Jeff Wadler

Second: Amarit Rosin


10. Meeting adjourned 9:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Brodsky