A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


HACD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2017- 3rd of Kislev, 5778

8:15 PM at Congregation Beth Emeth


Attendees: Nathan Graber, Barbara Brodsky, Stephen G. Levy, Ken Malsan, Jeff Wadler, Paul Mozer, Sandy Schuman, Amarit Rosin, Daniel Scher, Stephen Wrzesinski, Rabbi David Eligberg, Julie Pollack (HOS)


Regrets: Simi Leifer


  1. Meeting called to order at 8:15 PM.


  1. D’var Torah


  1. Approval of October 24, 2017 meeting minutes

Motion to approve: Sandy Schuman

Motion seconded: Jeff Wadler

Approve: 9

Disapprove: 0

Abstain: 2


  1. Head of School (HOS) Report (Julie Pollack)

The board reviewed the HOS report. Julie reported on current academic, recruitment, development, and community related happenings over the past month. A few items highlighted include

  • Julia Duff from Jewish Family Services met with faculty during the annual faculty workshop about implementing a social skills group, particularly at the middle school level. One intention of the social skills group is to support middle school students in anticipation of their emotional and social transition to high school.
  • Faculty member, Tracey McQuay, facilitated discussion on bullying prevention at the faculty workshop.
  • Notification received from Federation of NENY, that Individual Learning Needs (ILN) allocation for the year is $3600 ($400 less than past allocations for ILN).
  • Capital District Board of Rabbis held their monthly meeting at our school on November 1, 2017.
  • There was a dramatic increase of participation in our school's Annual day of Service on November 10, 2017. This year, 37 out of 56 students participated. Eighteen students volunteered to work on Ruth's Garden, eight students went bowling with athletes from Special Olympics, and eleven students volunteered at the Shalom Food Pantry.
  • Facilities Modernization Initiative: Julie explained in detail about efforts made (with the help of other present and past board members), to reach out to and inform community leaders and donors about our initiative. Reactions were supportive and enthusiastic. Julie informed teachers last Tuesday about the plan to move to Congregation Beth Emeth (CBE) space, whereupon those in attendance joined Julie, at CBE to view the site. Shara Siegfeld (education director), and Kathy Golderman (executive director) from CBE welcomed all and provided refreshments.
  • Coach A. examined physical space and is reported to be confident he will maintain an active, engaging, and robust program at CBE. He already compiled a still growing list of 60 activities that would be suitable for the space.
  • Julie has also spoken with the director of special education at Albany City School district to inform her of our school's upcoming move into the district. Our South Colonie special education providers will be an excellent resource in facilitating this transition.
  • Julie walked through the kitchen at CBE with Rabbi Bomzer, and CBE staff. They discussed strategies for continuing our hot lunch program within the CBE kitchen space. Note: the school wing at CBE is peanut/tree nut-free.
  • Jim Farrell, our IT consultant is also the IT person at CBE. Julie and Jim discussed ways to maintain the highest possible level of technology at our new site, including computers and smart boards. CBE already has technology we are welcome to use. Julie and Jim will continue to work together.


  1. Committee Reports


  • Parent Organization (Stephen W. and Heather R., co-chairs): Stephen reported on two months worth of work by parent org. committee. Parents are actively engaged. Class parents are in place for all cohorts. There is cooperation between parents and teachers. Volunteerism has increased from the past.
  • Sukkot- "Share Your Sukkah" was successful, with eight families participating.
  • Tikkun Olam Day program was very well attended with 70 percent of families participating. This was more than double the 30 percent participation from last year. (Sec. notes: see above for HOS report regarding Annual Day of Service).
  • Upcoming events: Chanukah dinner and talent show on 12/17/2017, with Martha Moskowitz chairing the event, and Dan S. as emcee for the talent show.
  • Six Flags Great Escape (12/24, 12/25/2017): Several families have already registered and more are expected to register. Dinner options are in the works: either Chinese food or BBQ. Breakfast sponsored by Parent Org.
  • Event Ideas for early 2008 include a game night or movie night in our new school home at CBE. Details TBD.


  • Finance Committee (Ken Malsan): Ken reported he met with Marian R., business manager, and will continue to do so, as he is learning how things work financially within our organization. Currently, our cash flow is sufficient, as we are paying our bills on time. Ken is in the process of communicating with our bookkeeper and in forming a finance committee. He indicated his preference to stay with our current auditors, especially in consideration of our upcoming move.


  • Development Committee (Bess Wadler, chairperson; Reported by Nathan G.):


  • Shomray Torah and Chanukah Match campaigns, up to this point, have raised funds on par with this time last year.
  • Bet Shraga HACD's Life and Legacy application has been submitted.
  • Bess W. has been doing a great job chairing the development committee. Thank you Bess! Your hard work is appreciated!


  • Archives Committee (Barbara Brodsky): Draft of Records Retention Policy shared with Julie and trustees for their review. Barbara discussed the draft, and requested that everyone review it and send her their feedback in advance of next board meeting. Preferably, the Board will adopt a records retention policy no later than the January 2018 meeting. Once we have a policy in place, the archives committee can implement the policy in preparation for our move to CBE. Barbara will send trustees and Julie an electronic copy of the draft.


  1. Formation of Committees for Move
  • Building Improvements: Jeff W.
  • Structural (Paul M. will act as consultant), security, internet
  • Jeff W. will share spreadsheet he already created.


  • Outdoor Play Space: Amarit R. and Dan S.
  • Paul M. suggested we prioritize outdoor play concepts (i.e., swing set, climbing structure, basketball court) prior to spending large amount of money on a playground we will eventually not be able to take with us, as our modernization initiative advances.


  • Move Logistics: Chairperson(s) TBD
  • Support Julie
  • Gather volunteers
  • Plan the details
  • Prioritize and create criteria for decision-making concerning what to keep, what to trash, what to sell, and what to be given away
  • Library
  • On site storage: Ken M will look into this.


  • Archives: Barbara B., Steve L., Bess W.
  • Policy needs to be approved
  • Implement policy in preparation for move


  1. Executive Session


  1. Motion: A motion was made to list the property, using agent from NAI Platform for listing price of $850,000 at commission rate of 6% (six percent) for a one-year term.
  • Move to approve: Stephen W.
  • Second: Steve L.
  • Unanimous consensus to approve
  1. Meeting adjourned at 9:52 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Brodsky