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September 11, 2017 HACD board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Nathan Graber, Barbara Brodsky, Stephen Wrzesinski, Daniel Sher, Rabbi David Eligberg, Amarit Rosin, Simone Leifer, Paul Mozer, Sandy Schuman, Julie Pollack (HOS)


Regrets: Jeff Wadler, Kenneth Malsan


  1. Board president and chair, Nathan Graber called meeting to order at 7:35 PM.


  1. Nathan thanked Sandy Schuman for his years of service to HACD.


  1. a) Rabbi Eligberg presented D’var Torah.                                                                                                      b) D’var Torah sign-up sheet sent around


  1. Nathan presented his list of board priorities for the 2017–18 school year. Discussion occurred. Nathan welcomes feedback/changes to list as it is a living document for the board’s use. Board members should email comments to Nathan. The priorities list will appear on the agenda for October meeting for possible adoption and for placement on the HACD website.


  1. Head of School (HOS) Report (Julie Pollack)

The board reviewed points from the HOS report. Julie noted that over the summer the parent manual, code of conduct, and faculty handbook were updated and distributed. In addition three new teachers joined the faculty. Julie is confident the 2017-18 school year will be a successful and exciting year of learning.


  1. HOS Vision Statement

Julie’s HOS vision statement was reviewed and well received. The statement reflects who Julie is as an educator, as a head of school, what HACD is all about, and how the school can continue to grow. The HOS vision statement has already been shared with faculty. On 9/14/17, it will be shared with the parents during meet the teacher night. Julie welcomes questions/discussion. Amarit will attempt to present key points of Julie’s vision statement on social media. The HOS vision statement will be put on the HACD website.


  1. See Nathan’s welcome statement on website.


  1. Committee Reports


a). Finance Report

Report delayed and will be reviewed later. Kenneth Malsan agreed to serve on the Board of Trustees as the Vice President for Finance and has begun working with Marian Robarge, our business manager.

b). With regard to the budget, Julie indicated she would like to budget for an additional 1-2 advisers in the middle school, and add one hour of health instruction. Nathan explained that the HACD bylaws allow for HOS to change the budget up to $3000. Any such action requires the HOS to report said action at next board meeting (see By-laws Article VIII Head of School [1.4]).


b). Recruitment

In preparation for next year, an event is planned for early December.


c). Development (See attached report)

Preparing flyer for Shomray Torah campaign.

Chairpersons needed for Academy Awards dinner.


d). Parent Organization (See attached report)

Discussed some parent org. activities that already occurred. Ice cream social had 80 people participating.

Need class parents for Nesharim and middle school cohorts.

Discussed upcoming events and possible future activities.


e). Archive Committee (See attached report)

  1. Suggestions regarding record retention will be distilled from report for purposes of a recommend policy for discussion and possible approval at next month’s board meeting.
  2. A question arose about a G’niza collection. This is different than the Archive Committee’s responsibilities. G’niza determinations are the responsibility of the HOS although the work may require the support of volunteers.


f). Trustees

Rabbi Eligberg shared his plan to recruit more trustees after the holidays in October. Nathan indicated that now and in the future, we need to actively recruit board members. The Board of Trustees is actively looking for Development Committee members and/or a co-Chair and someone to take the lead on promotion and public relations.


g). Facilities

The building superintendent informed Julie about a number of items specific to the school building that may eventually require repair and/or upgrade. There are currently no urgent major infrastructure improvements required but the report did note that window replacement is a near future priority. Cosmetically, the base of the building requires repainting. Several rooms need new thermostats and there is some plumbing work needed in the bathrooms. The playground should be assessed and upgraded or replaced.


  1. Other Business


a). Communicating outreach.

We are already circulating promotional materials. We have lots of in-house resources at our disposal. Discussed emphasis on positive communication about our school as board members are HACD’s ambassadors in the community. All mechanisms for conveying positive messages about the school should be considered but the focus should be on mechanism that reach donors and potential new families.


b). Disclosure Form

Barbara will resend disclosure forms to board members to complete.


c). Meet the teacher night is this Thursday, 9/14/2017. Nathan’s message will be “Get       involved.” We need everyone’s time, resources, and talent.


d). At our next meeting, Brenda Maguire, consultant will talk with board.


  1. Items called to vote

a). Ken Malsan agreed to assume officer position of VP Finance. Stephen raised motion to approve Ken Malsan as VP Finance. Rabbi Eligberg seconded the motion. Vote: approved unanimously. Congratulations and thank you to Ken.

b). Robert Titov resigned from Board of Trustees.


  1. Executive Session


  1. Nathan made a motion for meeting to adjourn. Paul Mozer seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM



Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Brodsky