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Minutes for the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Board of Trustees Meeting

June 15, 2016 HACD

Board Members: Anna Rosen, Sandy Schuman, Stephen Wrzesinski, Steven Kamenir, Suzanna Randall, Paul Mozer, Nathan Graber, Malka Evan, Carolyn Levine, Rabbi David Eligberg

Attendees: Julie Pollack, Amarit Rosenblum, Niriti Ovadia Hull, Andrea Juris, Dan Scher, George Bizer, Barbara Brodsky, Debbie Berkun, Debbie Vazquez

Excused: Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield, Michele Fisher Gomez, Simona Leifer, Gail Kendall, Moshe Binyamin

• Dvar Torah

• Minutes from May 16, 2016: Motion by Paul Mozer to adopt, second by, Stephen Wrzesinski, approved with one abstention.

• Committee Reports: Reports were presented in writing for the Finance, Engagement, and Development Committees. The Board reviewed the current budget detail and discussed goals for committees for upcoming years. The Board emphasized that finding donors is a critical piece of success for not only HACD, but day schools across the country and that Board and HACD Member participation is really needed.

• Resolution Regarding the HACD Retirement Plan: o Motion Rabbi David Eligberg, seconded by Paul Mozer, passed with one abstention.

• Election of Trustees:

o Trustees retiring from HACD were given a gift of thanks and a bottle of olive oil to thank them for their dedication.

o The slate of candidates was adoption by acclamation.

o There is a vacancy open for the VP of Finance.

• The Year in Review, The Year ahead:

o Julie Pollack presented Highlights from the Annual Report and the Parent Survey which she will also convey through the Shabbaton.

o Thank you so much: Nancy and Jud Eson – volunteer librarians, Kathy Linehan. Dr Susan Weil. Edie Abrams for her help supporting teachers and students. Elana Kamenir who was instrumental in doing the yearbook. Bess Wadler for her work helping creating community.

o Challah baking volunteers:

o Office Staff for all that they do to keep the school running.

o Thank you to Julie for all the hard work this year.

• Good and Welfare

o Mazal Tov to Elana Kamenir on her adult Bat Mitzvah

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM