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Minutes for the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Board of Trustees Meeting May 16, 2016

HACD Board Members: Anna Rosen, Sandy Schuman, Stephen Wrzesinski, Gail Kendall, Steven Kamenir, Suzanna Randall, Rabbi David Eligberg, Paul Mozer, Nathan Graber, Malka Evan, and Moshe Binyamin

Attendees: Julie Pollack

Excused: Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield, Michele Fisher Gomez, Carolyn Levine, and Simona Leifer

• Dvar Torah

• Trustees Page – the Board contributed to support a page in the yearbook.

• Jerusalem Diarama – please send Sandy an email with cel numbers to help

• Minutes from April 18, 2016 and March 21, 2016: Motion by Paul Mozer to adopt, second by, Stephen Wrzesinski, approved unanimously.

• Head of School Report:

o The Board reviewed points from the Head of School Report. The Board asked to look into the cost and amount charged on the dinners at Ohav as we want to make sure we are setting pricing appropriately. The Board congratulates the students on their achievement at the Olympics of the Visual Arts! The Board recommended featuring the process images and the award on the HACD web page. The Board expressed serious concern about attrition and enrollment.

o The HOS is exploring ways to coordinate with Maimonides on staffing and professional development.

• Finance Committee:

• The Board reviewed the current monthly budget report.

• Proposed 2016-2017 Expense Budget: The Board discussed the impact of recent withdrawals from the school on the budget. The HOS will adjust the proposed budget accordingly for Board consideration once final end of year numbers are known.

• Faculty Contract:

o Motion to approve Version 8 of the Faculty Contract. Motion by Rabbi Eligberg, seconded Malka Evan, passed unanimously.

• Retirement Plan:

o Motion to accept the following resolution.

o To terminate the “Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Retirement Plan,” an ERISA 403(b) Plan. The effective date of the termination will be the date of the signed agreement by the Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District and the Bet Shraga Faculty Association to the 2015-2018 Faculty Contract. There will be no employer contributions to the Retirement Plan for Fiscal Year 2015-16 or subsequent fiscal years. All benefits will be fully vested to the participants on the termination date and all assets will be distributed to each participant as soon as administratively practical after the termination. Beginning with their fourth year of employment with the Hebrew Academy, teachers will receive an additional 9% of their compensation in their paychecks.

o Motion by Malka Evan, Seconded by Rabbi Eliberg, motion passed with one abstention.

• Development: Brief update on Shomray Torah was given.

• Good and Welfare o Mazel Tov to Gary and Meghan Ginsburg and their families on the birth of a baby boy Eitan Asher.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:27 PM