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Minutes for the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Board of Trustees

Meeting February 22, 2016

HACD Board Members: Anna Rosen, Sandy Shuman, Moshe Binyamin, Carolyn Levine, Stephen Wzresinski, Paul Mozer, Simona Leifer, Michele Fisher Gomez, Steven Kamenir, Suzanna Randall, Rabbi David Eligburg, Nathan Graber

Attendees: Laura Segal Julie Pollack

Excused: Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield, Gail Kendall, Malka Evan

  1. Dvar Torah
  2. HSEC Report: The Board reviewed the HSEC midterm evaluation of the Head of School
  3. Minutes: December 21, 2015 Meeting minutes adopted with 3 abstentions
  4. Head of School Report
  5. Finance Report: The Board reviewed the most recent projections of the budget based on revenues and expenditures.
  6. Facilities: Committee Report on potential building maintenance and renovations.
  7. Development: The Board was asked to identify potential donors to contact as follow-up for Shomray Torah.
  8. PROM: Need help to create an ad and a new committee chair
    • Pitch deck – need review from HACD Board.  Will be on the Agenda for the next Board meeting.
  9. Good and Welfare: The School Play was fantastic and got great coverage in the Times Union.