A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition

December 2015

Board of Trustees 

December 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Sandy Schuman Carolyn Levine Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield
Simona Leifer Steven Kamenir Steven Wrzesinski
Anna Rosen Gail Kendall Paul Mozer
Suzanna Randall Michele Fisher Gomez


Excused Trustees: Moshe Binyam, Nathan Graber, Rabbi David Eligberg, Malka Evan

Members and Community Stakeholders: Julie Pollack


  1. Dvar Torah
  2. Minutes for three meetings were adopted as follows:
    1. September moved by Paul Mozer, second by Steve Wrzesinski adopted with one abstention
    2. October moved by Carolyn Levine, second by Steven Kamenir adopted with two abstentions
    3. October moved by Carolyn Levine, second by Steven Kamenir adopted with five abstentions
  3. Head of School’s Report
    1. The Board discussed the economics of draining and winterize the lower school wing and the expressed need for social work / psychology services. The Board deferred to Julie Pollack for her decision on how to proceed.
  4. Parent Engagement
  5. Finance
    1. Monthly Report
    2. Tuition Proposal. The Finance Committee moved and the motion was unanimously passed to increase tuition by $250 to $11,200.
    3. Faculty Contract update – need a volunteer from the Board to work with Sandy on this
  6. Facilities Report

Review of past motions

Motion adopted 11/17/14

The BS HACD Board of Trustees empowers a committee to explore potential partnerships and lay the groundwork for a capital campaign to build a new facility that reflects the vision and mission for the school. Until such time, the Board resolves that HACD will remain in our current building.

Motion adopted 03/16/15

The Board authorizes a committee to explore renting space for the school in the near term and the practical, programmatic, and financial feasibility of doing so, and to report on this by its May 2015 HACD Board meeting.

Motion adopted 6/15/15

To engage a real estate broker for the purpose of renting out a portion of the building to a school or other compatible user.

Review of results

  1. Potential partners expressed concern about our enrollment and sustainability. We do not think we can establish a partnership for a new building or initiate a capital campaign until we can demonstrate stable or increasing enrollment.
  2. Based on estimates from real estate brokers and a potential offer, sale of our existing property will not generate sufficient funds to construct a new building.
  3. The existing buildings for sale that we have looked at so far would be insufficient for us.
  4. The existing buildings for rent that we have looked at so far would be either insufficient or more expensive than our existing facility.


Motion to renovate one classroom this academic year using currently budgeted funds and to develop a plan to renovate the remaining classrooms and building façade over the next several years. Motion unanimously passed.

Committee to include: Paul Mozer, Suzanna Randall, Steve Kamenir, and Sandy Schuman

  1. Development
    1. Update on donors on website and new online giving option available.
    2. Shomray Torah mailing went out – great job!
    3. Update on independent book fair – great success.
    4. Kwik Kesef now has a web page also. This lists totals to date and donor names.
    5. Great Escape Fundraiser Trip – 20 families going.
  2. PROM
    1. Taste of HACD and marketing materials are moving forward.
    2. Graphic design standards are next!
    3. Michele will share the draft pitch deck with the Board.
  3. Trustees

Trustees completed financial disclosures. The Board discussed the need to identify potential nominations for Board Members, and Board Training.

  1. Executive Session

Motion: To Amend the Head of school Contract was unanimously approved.

  1. Good and Welfare: Happy New Year