A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


HACD Board of Trustees
November 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes
Sandy Schuman, Carolyn Levine, Steven Kamenir, Michele Fisher Gomez, Rabbi David Eligberg, Moshe Binyamin, Anna Rosen

Excused Trustees:
Suzanna Randall, Nathan Graber, Gail Kendall, Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield, Steven Wrzesinski, Paul Mozer, Malka Evan, Simona Leifer

Members, Staff and Community Stakeholders:
Julie Pollack, Head of School

1. Board Training

• Nonprofit consultant, Claire Higgins, gave a presentation on roles and responsibilities for nonprofit Boards. (packet available upon request).

• Highlights from the discussion included:

• need to recruit new trustees based on the strategic plan and the needs of the organization.
• the trend in nonprofits is away from doing a big strategic planning every 3-5 years. Because organizations change so much, best practice is now considered to incorporate strategic thinking into every Board discussion.
• need to be reviewing and updating bylaws regularly to ensure compliance
• how do small organizations like ours balance the need for Boards to remain policy (not implementation) focused while acknowledging the reality that our size requires us to be more hands on?
• a related discussion: what kind of volunteer organization do we want to build.? how do we set up a volunteer structure that works? discussed the important of volunteer recognition.
• discussion on the most helpful questions for the Board to ask the HOS in order to fulfill its obligation of quality assurance of the educational program.

2. D’var Torah

3. Minutes - amended for September and October. Note that without a quorum, minutes could not be approved and no votes taken.

4. Head of School Report (see attached) . Discussion highlights:

  • educational consultant on multiage learning is working with the faculty. Funding comes from the professional development line in the budget
  • up to date on fire drills
  • continued the above discussion on Head of School’s ongoing processes (incorporating standardized test questions, common core, utilizing newly appointed Department chairs) for assessing the educational program.
  • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) accreditation should remain a target for us.

5. Finance

  • The reforecasted budget shows a balanced budget without projection for surplus or deficit

6. Development

  • Renewed plea for full (100%) Board participation in Shomray Torah prior to school-wide ST launch


  • Moshe is working with PROM to create a “pitch deck” that will provide a common language for speaking about the school and can be used by Trustees and parent ambassadors
  • Parlour meeting scheduled for early December. Looking for additional hosts for further meetings
  • Parent engagement meetings scheduled as a “state of the school” presentation by HOS in December.

8. Executive Session9. Good and Welfare

Mazal Tov to Trustee, Paul Mozer, and his wife, Naomi, on the birth of their new baby!


Respectfully submitted,

Anna Rosen, acting secretary