A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition

2015.09.21 Minutes

Board of Trustees Agenda

September 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Sandy Schuman Carolyn Levine Rabbi David Eligberg
Moshe Binyam Steven Kamenir Steven Wrzesinski
Anna Rosen Gail Kendall Paul Mozer
Suzanna Randall Michele Fisher Gomez (via phone) Simona Leifer


Excused Trustees:

Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield, Malka Evan

Members and Community Stakeholders:

Julie Pollack


  1. Dvar Torah
  2. Head of School’s Report
  3. Finance

Reported on finances and it appears we ended with a deficit for the previous year. The Board will verify this at the audit. This fiscal year has a balanced budget which includes a rainy day fund. The Board asked to look at a revised budget at the next meeting.

  1. Development

It is important to reach out to the various groups. It is important to focus on marketing, public relations, and outreach to reach a broader base of support. The message is that HACD is an important school to keep in Albany. The committee is working on developing a Shomrey Torah marketing packet. The Development Committee will set a date and invite a broader group. The group underscored the importance of a dedicated development staff person. The group suggested inviting people to stay connected with the school, but began a conversation of how we do a better job of connecting and maintaining contact with donors.

  1. Vision

The first step is to develop a vision statement that is more specific to HACD. The Committee will work with the Head of School to develop a draft and bring this back before the Board.

  1. Executive Session