A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


Board of Trustees Agenda

April 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Sandy Schuman Carolyn Levine Marta Koblenz
Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Steven Kamenir Rabbi David Eligberg
Anna Rosen Ira Zackon Howard Goldberg
Suzanna Randall Gail Kendall Julie Pollack
Laura Segal Michele Fisher Gomez Jason Packer


Excused Trustees:

Malka Evan, Moshe Binyamin

Members and Community Stakeholders:

Paul Mozer, Cheryle Salem, Laurie Sasson, Steven Wrzesinski

  1. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes

The minutes were passed unanimously as written.

  1. Head of School’s Report
  2. Finance Committee
    1. Finance Report

The current finance projections were discussed. At present, the School has a $65,000 deficit for the current year.

  1. FY 2015-16 Revenue Budget Proposal

The Board discussed the proposed revenue budget and agreed that the proposal is a conservative revenue projection. It was asked if we can revisit this once enrollment contracts are in.

Motion to adopt a revenue budget of $800,000 for 2015-2016 by Howard Goldberg

Second by Gail Kendall. Motion adopted unanimously.

  1. Committee on Trustees
    1. Nominations – Draft slate as shared with the Board
    2. Amendments Proposed By-Law Amendments were shared with the Board for a vote at the May 2015 Board meeting. Please send any edits to Anna Rosen prior to the May Board meeting.
  2. Parent Engagement Committee Report

The Parent Engagement team reviewed the process and feedback received. Overall parents felt like they were heard and responded to. The importance of community building activities was also raised in terms of volunteerism and increasing buy-in. It was pointed out that there has been really important positive will created through this process.

  1. Facilities Committee Report

The motion directed us to explore housing and grounds options, the committee reported out and needs to do more homework on potential options. The Board discussed the importance of developing a bigger vision and the idea of an interim steps. The group spent a lot of time looking at how the board can effectively communicate its work on potential house and grounds options to the larger parent body. Sandy asked for volunteers to work on developing the larger vision forward.

  1. Development Committee Report

Academy Awards – call for help on the wine and dine board. Also are looking for potential gifts for the auction.

  1. Good and Welfare

Ira’s daughter is receiving high honors and she cited her middle school teachers for their impact

Rabbi Lehrfield shared that Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein z’l passed away today

Marta – new baby boy grandchild

Anna – last of her 3 had her Bat Mitzvah

Motion to adjourn Carolyn Levine, seconded by Howard Goldberg, unanimously passed.