A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


Board of Trustees Agenda

Monday, 02/23/15, 7:30 pm, HACD


Sandy Schuman Suzanna Randall Julie Pollack
Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Jason Packer Marta Koblenz
Laura Segal Steven Kamenir Anna Rosen
Michele Fisher Gomez Ira Zackon Rabbi David Eligberg
Carolyn Levine


Excused Trustees:

Malka Evan, Moshe Binyamin, Howard Goldberg


Members and Community Stakeholders:

Bess Wadler, Andrea Juris, Cheryl Salem, Paul Mozer, Rachael Woren

  1. Dvar Torah Rabbi Lehrfield
  2. Introductions
  3. HACD Calendar Power User Demo – Bess Wadler
  4. Consent Agenda (minutes)

Motion to approve: Ira Zackon Second by Michele Fisher Gomez

Approved with one abstention

  1. Principal’s Report

Discussion: PBIS was explained (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). This is a program for the faculty to use to address behavior issues during unstructured time.

Calendar: SAAJCC will run vacation camps for HACD, so the calendar has been drafted with 180 days of teacher time and 174 teaching days. The 180 days include days which contractually count toward teaching time. The middle school skills class has been replaced with a health class this semester. Mrs. Savino is now focusing more on general studies curriculum and Principal mentoring (as a nationally certified mentor for teachers). No ask of the Board at this time.

Motion to accept Principal’s report: Anna Rosen, Seconded by Carolyn Levine.

Unanimously accepted

  1. Committee on Trustees Report - Board Training and the Role of the Board by Anna Rosen

It was noted that it is important for the Board to move out of the day to day operational issues and focus on the role and responsibility of the Board. It was clarified that the key Board Committees are the Finance, Development, Executive and Head and Support Committees. This will impact necessary revisions to the By-Laws. There was a discussion of how the Board can most effectively support the Principal moving forward. Everyone on the Board is actively recruiting. HACD Board needs to work with the Principal to develop systems to help volunteers or to decide to hire staff to do the recruitment / admissions; development; marketing /PR; and business operations tasks.

  1. Jewish Life Committee Report

The Committee has been working on a revised inclusivity statement for review. Prior to the next Board meeting, the JLC will work with the Principal to communicate their efforts to the larger HACD community.

  1. Finance Committee

The Board requested that the Finance Committee work with the Development Committee to develop a reforecast of the 2014-2015 budget.

  1. PROM / Recruitment Committee Report

Public Relations and Marketing Report: PROM has hired a graphic designer to develop to develop a marketing packet folder. Heather Rockwood and Michele Fisher Gomez have worked with Rachael Woren to assemble text and photos to use to create these marketing materials. HACD will also be sponsoring Kiddush at Temple Israel, Ohav Shalom, and CBAJ in the coming months. The question was raised as to whether we should sponsor Kiddush / Oneg Shabbat at the reform synagogues.

Enrollment Projections for 2015-2016: Net loss of 7 students, which would mean an enrollment of 70 students. Ten students are graduating, 2 are moving out of the area (loss of 12), five students have committed for next year.

Graduated Tuition Program to Enhance Recruitment: The goal is to reduce the tuition for K-1 significantly to help expose families and children to the school for new families. The proposal would be to give a 75% discount for new K students, 50% for grade 1 students and 25% for grade 2 students.

  1. Development Report

As of February 10, 2015 we have $99,303.02 committed to Shomray Torah. We will have more information on projected giving in the next few weeks. Based on calculations, the committee is budgeting $30,000 less than 2014-2015. Tuition affordability is estimated to be at approximately $40,000 instead of $60,000. The Academy Awards is moving forward. The Board acknowledged the importance of Federation to HACD and stressed the importance of supporting Federation.

  1. Good and Welfare:

Welcome Julie and congratulations!

  1. Executive Committee
  2. The Board proposes to offer a tuition program for new HACD families. New Families with older children

Motion to offer a tuition program for new HACD families. Each kindergarten child from a new family would be eligible for a 75% discount and each first grader from a new family would be eligible for a 50% discount, subject to availability.

Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to amend the above motion, by adding a 25% discount for second grade students in the above tuition program.

Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to offer a tuition program for new HACD families. Each child from a new family in grades 2 – 5 would be eligible for a 50% discount for their first year at HACD, subject to availability.

Motion passed unanimously.