A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


Board of Trustees Agenda, Monday, 12/15/14, 7:30 pm, Bet Shraga HACD Library

Trustees: Rhonda Rosenheck Michele Fisher Gomez Steven Kamenir Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Suzanna Randall Ira Zackon Laura Segal Anna Rosen Gail Kendall Sandy Schuman Rabbi David Eligberg Moshe Binyamin Carolyn Levine Excused Trustees: Howard Goldberg, Malka Evan, Marta Koblenz, Jason Packer

Members and Stakeholders: Laurie Sasson, Debbie Berkun

1. Dvar Torah was given by Rabbi Eligberg

2. Announcements from the Head of School: the Board was invited to attend the Jewish Federation’s Super Sunday to volunteer and invited to attend the Faculty / BS HACD Board Holiday Party.

3. Jewish Life Committee

a. The President directed the Jewish Life Committee to propose an inclusivity statement at the January or February BS HACD meeting.

b. The BS HACD Board moved to direct the Head of School to further enhance the Judaic Studies program in ways that address the needs of all BS HACD families, including Modern Orthodox families. Subject to funding and operational feasibility, one option is for HACD to offer courses from a Modern Orthodox world view in addition to the current Judaic Studies offerings.

Motion by: Suzanna Randall

Second by: Laura Segal

Vote in favor: 8 Vote against: 1 Abstain: 2

Discussion The Board agreed that it needs to work together to support the Head of School to implement this.

4. Minutes from October and November Gail Kendall moved to approve Minutes from October seconded by Rabbi Eligberg Vote for 9 abstain 1 Gail Kendall moved to approve Minutes from November seconded by Rabbi Eligberg Vote for 6 abstain 6

The Board voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 PM