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Board of Trustees Agenda,

Monday, 11/17/14, 7:30 pm, Bet Shraga HACD Library


Rhonda Rosenheck Michele Fisher Gomez Howard Goldberg
Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Suzanna Randall Ira Zackon
Laura Segal Anna Rosen Marta Koblenz
Sandy Schuman Rabbi David Eligberg Jason Packer
Carolyn Levine    

Excused Trustees:

Moshe Binyamin, Malka Evan, Gail Kendall ,Steven Kamenir

Members and Stakeholders:

Nirit Ovadia Hull

  1. Approval of Minutes from October meeting Postponed to the December Meeting
  2. Finance Committee and Development Committee Reports

Jason and Michelle gave a summary of the Development Committee Report. A Parlor meeting was held and there is support in the community for HACD. It is important to engage future parents and stakeholders from the community. The group focused on their positive connections to HACD. Future meetings are scheduled to convene more parlor meetings. Thank you to Rachael Woren for getting out all of the Shomray Torah mailings!

  1. HOS Report was distributed to be read and the Board asked the HOS to respond to several questions about the promotional “sales sheets”. The Board was concerned that we develop a piece on HACD’s philosophy of education. Several clarifying questions were discussed. The Board requested that the HOS present a table in future reports that summarizes progress in number of pres-schools contact and number visited by the HOS, prospective family contacts, etc.
  2. Dan Levine Report Anna Rosen gave a summary of the work done with Dan Levine to the HACD Board. Michele stresses that the Board need to build trust with the parent community.
  3. Strategic Planning Report

Two motions were developed during the BS HACD Board retreat to bring to the larger Board with regard to Jewish Life and Facilities.

Motion: The BS HACD Board of Trustees direct the Jewish Life Committee to work with the Judaic Studies leadership to develop and present proposals at the December 15, 2014 meeting which incorporate input from members and stakeholders to expand our Judaics Studies curriculum to better meet the needs of our community.

Approved by a vote of 11 yes and 1 abstention

Motion: The BS HACD Board of Trustees will embark upon a capital campaign to raise funds for a new facility. In the interim, HACD will remain in its current location and seek rental revenues for the primary wing.

Defeated unanimously.

The following revised motion was offered and voted on as follows:


The BS HACD Board of Trustees empowers a committee to explore potential partnerships and lay the groundwork for a capital campaign to build a new facility that reflects the vision and mission for the school. Until such time, the Board resolves that HACD will remain in our current building.

Approved unanimously

  1. ByLaws Amendment

Motion: To amend the bylaws of the Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District by changing the number of trustees from “20-25” to “15-25,” At-Large Trustees from “12-17” to “8-12,” and officers from “7” to “5,” and by deleting the sections pertaining to the Vice President of Education and Vice President of Jewish Life. The Jewish Life Committee is retained as a standing advisory committee; the Education Committee is not. The specific changes to be made are shown below with the words to be deleted in strikethrough and the words to be added underlined.

ARTICLE IV. The Board of Trustees

Section 2: Number

The Board of Trustees will consist of between 20-25 15-25members of which (a) 12-17 8-12 must be duly elected At-Large Trustees, (b) 75 Officers, and (c) the most recent past-President willing to serve who has not been otherwise determined by the Board of Trustees to be ineligible.


Section 1: Overview

1.1 The Officers of Bet Shraga will be: President; Present-Elect; Vice- President of Education; Vice-President of Development; Vice-President of Finance; Vice-President of Jewish Life; and Secretary.

Section 8: Vice President of Education

The Vice President of Education must chair the Education Committee.

Section 9: Vice President of Jewish Life

The Vice President of Jewish Life must chair the Jewish Life Committee.

ARTICLE IX. Committees

Section 1. Overview

1.1 There must be the following standing Advisory and Board Governance Committees: Executive Committee; Education Committee; Development Committtee; Finance Committee; Recruitment Committee; Jewish Life Committee; and Committee on Trustees

1.5 Board Advisory committees are is Jewish Life and Education. One fourth of the its membership of these committees must be Trustees. The remaining members must be drawn from Bet Shraga members or from the community.

Section 4. Education Committee

4.1 No less than one-fourth of the Education committee must be composed of Trustees. The remaining members may be drawn from Bet Shraga membership and the community at large.

4.2 The Education Committee assists the Head of School by serving as a forum and sounding board for proposals regarding major educational decisions and proposed programs.

4.3 The Education Committee assists the Board in more thoroughly understanding and evaluating larger educational policy issues that might impact the Mission of the School.


The motion was passed unanimously.

  1. Good and Welfare

Marty and Judy Goldman had their first grandson

Sandor Schuman announced the release of his new book

  1. Executive Session