A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


Minutes Board of Trustee

Monday, 10/20/14, 7:30 pm, Bet Shraga HACD Library


Rhonda Rosenheck Gail Kendall Howard Goldberg
Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Suzanna Randall Steven Kamenir
Laura Segal Anna Rosen Ira Zackon
Sandy Schuman Rabbi David Eligberg Marta Koblenz


Excused Trustees:

Moshe Binyamin, Jason Packer, Malka Evan, Carolyn Levine, Michele Fisher Gomez


Members and Stakeholders:

Laurie Sasson, Steve Huz, Irina Kasparov, Bess Wadler, Nirit Ovadia Hull, Rachael Woren

  1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from, the September Board meeting were reviewed by the Board and no objections were raised to their approval. There will be minor typos corrected in the set submitted for posting online.

  1. Head of School Report

The Board reviewed the report. Questions were raised about potential additional events where BS HACD materials could be made available, for example the

A question was raised with regard to the flexible tuition program, we will either need to raise the money or get a grant to support this effort.

A question was raised about the Capital Limmud proposal. HOS has proposed for BS HACD to co-sponsor a Limmud with Jewish Federation of NENY. The Board directed HOS to report back with a proposal at a subsequent meeting.

  1. Strategic Decisions: Priorities

The group did an exercise to being identifying the key strategic questions that the group should begin to address.

  1. Committee on Trustees report

The Jewish Life Committee has been re-established with four members. The Committee will consist of: Steven Huz, Rabbi Bev. Magidson, and Laura Segal. The BS HACD is in search of a BS HACD Trustee to Chair this committee. Please let the BS HACD Board President know if you are interested in joining the Board in this capacity.

Steven Kamenir was unanimously elected Vice President of the Finance Committee.

Looking to do the Parent / Member Survey again this year. The BS HACD Board is seeking help to administer the survey again.

  1. Development Committee Report

It was noted that the Committee is targeting 100% BS HACD Board and parent participation in Shomray Torah. A quick report was made on the Kwik Kesef program.

  1. Finance Committee Report

Finance Committee was presented.

  1. Faculty Contract update

A brief update on the faulty contract negotiations was given. The question was asked about how the teaching year would be defined in the contract. The current definition is 180 faculty days. The hope is that we will complete negotiations this year.

  1. Good and Welfare

There was a suicide in the community in Troy, please keep the congregation and families in your prayers.

Rhonda had her first parent teacher conference as a parent this week.

School bags, cards and notepads were handed out to remind Board members to line up meetings for Rhonda. Samples of the school marketing info that was distributed to congregations was shared with the BS HACD Board.

  1. Executive Session